R & D

Asef has created its R&D management in a structure that will research innovative products, meet consumer needs on a global scale, follow scientific discoveries and current regulations, and examine competitors.

With the suggestion development system and numerous quality improvement projects, employee participation is kept at the highest level and continuous improvement is achieved in all areas.

Since we believe that private label products achieve success with quality, continuity, flexibility and speed, all our investments are aimed at presenting these elements at the highest level. Asef aims to maintain environmental awareness and implement practices in many areas, from sustainable product development to innovative packaging solution production in line with current consumer needs.


Asef Wet Wipes, which is committed to implementing the Ministry of Health laws and regulations required by the cosmetics industry, ensures compliance by constantly monitoring current GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and international standards. We aim to fulfill all our obligations towards the environment, society and our customers, our most important values are within the framework of sustainability and the green world.

As a company, our employees consist of experienced and knowledgeable people in the health and cosmetics industry, their expertise is constantly improved, we ensure the expectations of our customers and the performance of our suppliers, work in cooperation and accept this as our duty. It is responsible for carrying out continuous improvement and development activities. We make the maintenance and continuous improvement of our quality management the basis of a very important factor for the company’s success.

Asef family.