Our surface and household wipes keep important surfaces clean through EPA registered products, including disinfecting wipes that kill bacteria and viruses.

Hand & Personal Care Wipes

Beyond baby, we care for the whole family through an extensive portfolio of wipes for personal care. We offer many personal care options for our retail partners including facial, hand, feminine hygiene and medicated wipes.

Baby Care Wipes

With vast experience in the baby sector we have developed a wide array of baby wipes that cater for all ages of child care. Complying with all regulations, our baby wipes are designed with the safety of babies’ delicate skin in mind. We use gentle cleaning formulations, which are researched and tested by our expert technicians. To allow your consumers to grow with your brand, our wipes are customizable to your needs, whether that may be certain vitamins, lotions, formulations, natural additives or other baby care additions. We offer a variety of packaging options and a multitude of fragrances. We aim to deliver the highest quality and the best possible value in this category.

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