Who are we?

Asef Wet Mendil Cosmetics Industry and Trade Ltd. has been a private label production company in our country and around the world since its establishment.

Operating in an integrated facility, the company has become one of the important organizations in a very short time with its meticulous and innovative service approach. Providing service in 5000m2 closed area, Asef Wet Wipes; In addition to producing in accordance with GMP and ISO rules, it attaches importance to quality and control systems at every stage of production.

Among the categories that Asef cosmetics produces; baby care, personal care, home & office cleaning, vehicle care, patient care, pet and farm animal care, industrial use options are available. At the same time, all category products produced are exported to 6 continents, 90% of which are primarily European countries. Towel line, pocket line and box filling groups are also located in the categorized Asef Wet Wipes production facility.

With its exports to 6 continents, Asef KIslak Mendil, which has become an important organization in the export of wet wipes, until it reached this stage; made aggressive investments in technology to R&G, from equipment to systems and other processes. Nowadays, it has taken its place among the largest export companies in Turkey’s own field by receiving the return of its investments and services.

Asef Wet Wipes, which has an important position in the trade sector with its 20 years of experience, has made it a part of its mission to provide a complete service covering manufacturing, design and packaging. Adopting a completely customer-oriented working approach, the company will continue to produce innovative and effective solutions in line with the needs of its customers.

Our Vision
Our Mission