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There are many different models within the scope of wet wipes today. Therefore, if you want to reach your customers by entering this sector, it is necessary to know the different options. Thus, you can know what kind of products you will offer them, and you can reach them much more easily by expanding your product list.

Industrial wipes is one of these options. Studies in industrial areas are quite intense. Especially tar, grease, oil or paint can easily get on people or their hands. However, cleaning them is not that easy and comfortable. Industrial cleaning wipes offers the solutions you are looking for at this point.

As Asef Cosmetic, our company offers you solutions if you want to reach quality products in the fastest way and to provide the best service to your customers. If you want to buy in bulk, you can reach your needs immediately by contacting us.

Wholesale Insdutrial Cleaning Wipes

If you are serving in the personal care industry, there are many products you can offer to your customers. Wet wipes are also among them. Industrial hand wipes, a sub-product of these, are offered specifically for industrial uses, as the name suggests. 

If you want to buy them and deliver them to your customers, our company allows you to buy them in bulk. In addition, customized options can also be designed. If you want to take advantage of these opportunities, you can contact us and provide the necessary information.

What are the Types of Industrial Wet Wipes?

Industrial wipes manufacturers offer different options in this context. In general, there are options such as Hand Wipes, Big Wipes and Alcohol Wipes. Generally speaking, these allow you to keep your hands cleaner and well-groomed.

In addition, it allows you to effectively clean from bacteria. If you contact our company among industrial wipes suppliers, you can reach your needs as soon as possible with high quality.

Industrial Hand Wipes

Industrial hand wipes are just one of the products selected in the industrial fields. These are offered for general use and are easy and convenient to use.

Industrial Big Wipes

Big wipes Industrial are solutions that offer more effective and faster cleaning than normal industrial wet wipes. It offers more hygienic solutions as it can clean effectively.

Industrial Alcohol Wipes

Industrial alcohol wipes is another wet wipe option you can choose. These products have a more effective structure against both bacteria and viruses than other wet wipes. Thus, there are better solutions in terms of disinfectant and sterilization. With such properties, it can be used as a good degreaser, especially in industrial applications and processes. 

If you are looking for a solution within the scope of all these products, our company offers you different products. If you have wet wipe requirements, you can examine in detail the Industrial wet wipes and other options offered to you by our brand and have an idea. If you want to take advantage of the services we offer, you can contact us and let us know.

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