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The use of wet wipes is very common today, because these products occupy a very important place in personal care. Since these are planned according to the needs and purposes of use, there are different options. 

Medical wipes is one of these solutions. If you are an entrepreneur planning to serve in this sector, you can buy many options, including perineal wipes, in wholesale, thanks to our brand. Then you can start marketing them to your customers in no time. If you are looking for custom-made options for yourself, you can contact our company and convey your needs, and you can get them in a short time.

Wholesale Medical Alcohol Wipes

Medical wipes for adults are produced specially for them. In this context, our brand offers you the opportunity to purchase in bulk. If you have entered the sector as a startup and are looking for products, our company offers you the opportunity to purchase them in bulk. You can contact us as bulk sales are determined in a special way according to customers.

Medical Wipes for Adults

Alcohol wipes medical are among the widely used types of wet wipes. Our company offers them by manufacturing them in a special way for adults. Our products clean 99.9% of bacteria and do not contain parabens. In addition, the pH level has a structure compatible with the skin.

Best Medical Disinfectant Wipes

There are many perineal wet wipes available today. If you are looking for the best medical disinfectant wipes options in this context, our brand offers you the most suitable solutions. Our products are dermatologically tested. In addition, cleaning is both easy and practical. Thus, it offers the best solutions to both you and your customers.

Bulk Perineal Wipes

Within the scope of perineal wipes, our company allows bulk purchases. In this framework, you are offered different options:

  1. Antibacterial Wet Wipes 20 Wipes
  2. Antibacterial Wet Wipes 100 Wipes
  3. Medi-pro 75% alcohol wet wipes 100 pieces
  4. Perineal Special Care Wet Wipes

Wholesale purchases are possible for all of these. If you want to reach quality products at the most affordable price, just contact us.

Antibacterial Perineal Wipes

Medical wipes allow you to do the cleaning better. If you want to offer products to your customers in this context, you are offered many options within the scope of antibacterial perineal wipes. You can examine each of them and decide accordingly which products you want to offer to your customers.

Perineal Cleansing Wipes at Asef Cosmetic

Perineal cleansing wipes are widely used by many people today. Therefore, if you want to offer them to your customers within the scope of personal care products, our brand offers you different options. Medical wet wipes are among them. All of these are produced carefully and delivered to you without sacrificing quality. If you want to take advantage of them, you can contact us and explain your wishes. Thus, you can immediately tell us how many you want to buy in bulk.

For more information about Medical & Perineal Care Wipes products, you can call us at +90 212 886 65 73, or leave a message on our 905393046778 WhatsApp number.

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